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Mark Worden

Lives & works in Gulf Shores, AL


The essence of photography goes far beyond the technical aspect of clicking a moment in time. The artistry of light, the illumination of a landscape, the dignified lines that detail the life of a being, all play primary roles in capturing that perfect opportunity to tell a story in a photographic image. 

I believe no two photos are the same, much as the DNA that makes up our very being. Pictures are a product of nature’s creation and uniqueness, and capturing that moment takes a perfect combination of light, angle and interpretation. You see each photographer is as different as the creative power that inspires them, making no two artistic photographic interpretations the same. 

Depth of experience also puts space and quality between photographers. From a very young age I observed and interpreted life’s vignettes differently than most, viewing them through a different lens if you will. Over a career that has extended more than three decades as a professional photographer, from advertising to portraiture to nature and art, my interpretation has sharpened and my creativity become more resolute. 

Adapting to the new digital technology more than 20 years ago, my proficiency with the continual evolution of this digital age makes me one of the most experienced photographers of my day. 

But most of all, my photography is about inspiration and perfection. I forever strive to capture the perfect moment of sunlight, expression, spontaneity and that continues to be my passion as it has been throughout my career.

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